DIA/SWATH and Targeted Proteomics Courses

For many years we have run courses focused initially on Targeted Proteomics later evolving into DIA/SWATH in the Aebersold group at ETH Zurich. The first video below is an example of these where I introduce DIA/SWATH data acquisition in 2018 but there are many more from a lot of great instructors in the playlists below (everything can also be found on the Targeted Proteomics Youtube channel)

Intro to DIA/SWATH (ETHZ Zurich 2018)

DIA/SWATH Course - ETH Zurich 2018 (playlist)

DIA/SWATH Course - ETH Zurich 2017 (playlist)

Targeted Proteomics Course - ETH Zurich 2016 (playlist)

Targeted Proteomics Course - ETH Zurich 2015 (playlist)